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Dr. Stephen Rivard

Medical Director and Founder of Illinois Vein Specialists -- Board Certified in Phlebology, i.e. the diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins.
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5 tips for a successful vein treatment


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The Initial Consultation: The First Step Towards Healthier Legs


Before we can begin vein treatment, an initial consultation is necessary to determine the best treatment plan for each patient. At Illinois Vein Specialists, we review your medical or clinical history and perform a thorough examination of your veins using an ultrasound. The initial consultation helps us understand the scope of treatment and also work out the insurance coverage process.

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Pregnancy and Varicose Veins: What You Need To Know

Conversations about varicose veins usually come with conversations about pregnancy. Does pregnancy cause varicose veins? Can pregnancy worsen existing varicose veins? Are having varicose veins during pregnancy a risk? When can I get my veins treated if I am pregnant? This blog post will answer all your burning questions surrounding pregnancy and varicose veins.

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Varicose Veins And Youth


A lot of people associate varicose veins with “an older person problem” and picture bulging, ropey veins on the legs. However, age is actually not the primary cause of varicose veins: hereditary is the cause for over 80% of vein disease cases. While the symptoms of varicose veins can worsen over time and are more visible when someone is older, young people are not immune to the disease.

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New Technologies Dispel Old Myths Surrounding Varicose Vein Treatment


A lot of the myths associated with vein disease are rooted in the antiquated practice of vein stripping. Vein stripping was the primary way to treat varicose veins before new technologies developed that proved to be safer and more effective at treating varicose veins. Read on to find out more about vein stripping and new technologies:

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