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Genetics Matter: A study showing the Hereditary nature of varicose veins.

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A 2016 study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons was able to show that genetics play a role in the presence of varicose veins. In order to determine whether genetics was a cause, the researchers used Swedish-born adoptees that could be traced back to both their biological and their adopted parents.

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Medical vs Natural Treatment of Varicose veins


There are many different sources that discuss the benefits of natural treatments for many ailments. Herbs to reduce inflammation, topical creams to stop rashes or burns, even things like fungus (mushrooms) or ginger to aid in immunity deficiencies or help promote digestion, etc. All of these before mentioned natural remedies are often beneficial - and frequently work very well, but there are times when medical treatment is necessary. Over my course of 25 + years spent running an emergency room, I have seen it all - I have seen first hand what medicine can do to save someones life when the seconds count. However, what many may not know is that for the last decade I have spent a considerable amount of time investing in the development of organic farmland - not just the land but the families that farm the land. Personally, I have also seen the significance real food can play in aiding ones overall health. 

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What are the Benefits of Using an Ultrasound for Vein Treatment? Video

When it comes to vein treatment - like any other medical condition - proper diagnosis is key to successful treatment. Using an ultrasound has become one of the best tools to proper diagnosis for varicose vein treatment. The benefits a patient receives during a consultation from using an ultrasound, focus on the abiliy to see the damaged veins - or specifically the venous refulx. The ultrasound is then also used to help treat your varicose veins when performing an effective treatment method known as Endovenous Laser Therapy - by guiding the laser fiber used to close the vein. Watch the video below to learn more.

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The main phases of varicose vein treatment. Video

The main phases of proper varicose vein treatment often include removing the branch veins via endovenous laser therapy and the second is then followed up by injection sclerotherapy. The first phase of treatment can be performed in under an hour with little to no pain. Recovery time is quick allowing a patient to return to work the very next day.

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Why are compression stocking used for varicose vein treatment? Video.

Compression socks are often used to help reduce swelling and potential bruising before and after varicose vein treatment. They can be worn under your clothing and provide support for the circulatory system.

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