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The Long-Standing Benefits of Compression Stockings

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As a nursing student in the late 70’s, one of the things we were taught was because we would be standing for such long hours we needed to elevate our legs and then put on our nursing stockings. They were thick, compression stockings, and took some time to pull them on. But after a long day of walking around, helping patients up and down from their beds, walking them in the halls and making sure all 18 of them had everything they needed when I returned home and took my stockings off the feeling of blood flooding my legs was interesting. 

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Consider Vein Treatment Before Getting A Tattoo


Some people like tattoos. They are in many different places on bodies. I happen to have 3 of them, tiny but I like them. Someone asked me about getting a tattoo on their calf and they showed me what they wanted and about how big it was going to be. I looked at their leg and noticed a couple of veins popping out. I suggested getting their veins treated prior to getting their tattoo. “Why?" was the response.

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A Natural Part of Aging or Signs of Venous Failure?

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Do you have a brownish or yellow discoloration on your legs? How about red, dry itchy areas? Everyone assumes this is a natural part of aging or from doing a lot of activities, but at Illinois Vein Specialists we know these can be signs of venous failure and we are experts at treating vein issues.

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Are Varicose Veins an Inevitable Consequence of Motherhood


While many of us look forward to the joys of becoming a parent, there are several conditions that have a strong correlation with motherhood that are not quite so joyful -- stretch marks, swollen feet, constant worry, and varicose veins to name a few.  

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Taking a Closer Look at Health During Back to School Season


While you are getting the kids ready for the upcoming school year – buying school supplies, making sure immunizations are up to date, and getting sports physicals – take a moment to check on their circulatory health. While it is more common among older adults, children can also develop varicose veins.

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