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Why Pain Is Not The Best Indicator Of Varicose Vein Disease


The other day I was talking with a woman that said her mother has had varicose vein for as long as she could remember, but she never considered treatment because she never felt pain. This is a comment I hear from a lot of people and is common in the way we view a lot of medical ailments. We usually only seek help or treatment once something is causing us physical pain. However, varicose veins are a medical condition that needs to be treated regardless if pain is a symptom or not.

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How Does Insurance Work for Varicose Vein Treatment? Video.

We are often asked about insurance coverage for varicose vein treatment, especially as the end of the year is upon us. As of now, we accept United Healthcare (Dr. Rivard), Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna (Dr. Kanehann). Our insurance specialist, Janelle Watson, explains the approval process in the video below. At Illinois Vein Specialists, we know that varicose vein treatment is a medical procedure and work with our patients to ensure they get the most coverage from their provider as possible. 

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The IVS Way of Vein Care


Here at IVS our main priority is making sure our patients are treated with the best care and are at their most comfortable the minute they step into our clinic. We understand that receiving treatment can be stressful and want to make sure we can do our part in making our patients feel that they are the in the best hands. What makes IVS different than other vein clinics?

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What makes IVS a Center of excellence?


At Illinois Vein Specialists, we are known as a “Center for Excellence in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vein Disease. What is a Center for Excellence, exactly?

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  1. If your ultrasound was done in the sitting position or lying down. This could create false positives within your veins. All venous ultrasounds should be done in the standing position to ensure proper results.
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