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Varicose Veins Are Not Cosmetic Despite What Your Friends or Doctor May Say.


One of the most common statements I hear from patients when they come in is, "I waited to seek treatment because I was told that my varicose veins were merely cosmetic... and if they didn't hurt I didn't need to seek treatment." While there are many common misconceptions or myths about varicose and spider veins, this is probably one of the most harmful ones still circulating today. There are many reasons that these myths about varicose veins are still so widely disseminated.

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Why Treating Your Varicose Veins Should be Part of Your New Years Resolution.


It has arrived - the year 2017 - and yes, if you are embracing this year with a sense of accomplishment ahead your mind is in the right place. Like many after the holidays and new year, the beginning of another year is a great place to finally follow through on some of those long awaited “get fit, get healthy, get in shape…” plans.

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Myth: Varicose And Spider Veins Will Always Reoccur After They Have Been Repaired

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Are There Natural Solutions  To Varicose Veins?

healthydiet.jpgVaricose veins are noticeably bulging, purplish veins which contain valves that have stopped working, causing blood to pool in the veins.  Varicose veins are often thought of as a cosmetic concern, but they are a symptom of vein disease, which can cause pain, discomfort, and some very serious complications if left untreated

Most people are aware that these unsightly veins should be professionally treated by a doctor specializing in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, but is there a natural solution?

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Can I Prevent Varicose Veins?

If you have a genetic predisposition, varicose veins may be unavoidable. But staying healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying active will help.

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