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IVS Remains at the Forefront of Global Vein Care: Takeaways from the ACP 32nd Annual Congress Meeting

JP_160610_Illinois_Vein_Institute_0532Having just returned from the ACP 32nd Annual Congress meeting, I thrilled to know my practice continues to be on the forefront of vein care. At Illinois Vein Specialists we pride ourselves on our commitment to yearly-continued education workshops and lectures. We are a specialized field and our dedication to your health and well-being is the benchmark that many try to copy.

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If You Have Time for Fantasy Football, You Have Time for Your Health

men watching footballNFL Football and fantasy football season are in full swing. All over the country, men are checking their teams to see how they are doing, but in general, not often do men take the time to check their own health. And now that fall and winter months are here, it’s a bit harder to see any changes our body may be making as we pile on our sweaters and cold-weather gear.

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Vampires Aren't the Only Ones searching for Great Veins This Halloween

rawpixel-1048261-unsplashIt’s Halloween and everyone dresses up as vampires and ghosts. I see stickers that say “Great veins”!! It reminds me of when I have to get blood drawn; that’s what I am usually told. But I always say that even though my arms have great veins, what is really important are checking the veins in my legs! The phlebotomist usually looks at me funny and then tells me they rarely need to draw blood from a leg.

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Looking for Exceptional Vein Care? Look No Further. Dr. Stephen Rivard Is the Specialist for You.

JP_160610_Illinois-Vein-Institute_0137-800x686From the moment you step into Illinois Vein Specialists and meet Dr. Stephen Rivard, you know he is the right doctor for you.

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The Long-Standing Benefits of Compression Stockings

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As a nursing student in the late 70’s, one of the things we were taught was because we would be standing for such long hours we needed to elevate our legs and then put on our nursing stockings. They were thick, compression stockings, and took some time to pull them on. But after a long day of walking around, helping patients up and down from their beds, walking them in the halls and making sure all 18 of them had everything they needed when I returned home and took my stockings off the feeling of blood flooding my legs was interesting. They immediately felt heavier and while as a 20 year old I never really paid attention to why I should wear support hose, I knew every time I felt that flow that I was doing something right for my legs and my body. That heaviness I could only feel because I had healthy veins and ‘supported’ them by using compression stockings correctly and every time I worked.

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