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The Importance of Seeing a Vein Expert for Your Varicose Veins

Consult a  Board Certified Doctor in the Field of Medicine they actually Practice! 

_BCS6901-Edit.jpgBeing an expert in the field of vein disease means knowing how to do Endovenous Laser Therapy or Ablation, doing it well, and when to do it. These things don not come from moonlighting or practicing another specialty while treating varicose and spider veins on the side.

They come from specialization and certification - steps that dedicated physicians take to master and demonstrate their expertise. They take the time to care about what they practice and the ways their knowledge (or lack thereof) will affect those they treat.

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Varicose Veins Are Actually a Symptom of High Blood Pressure in Veins

That's right! In fac,t all of the symptoms of varicose veins are really caused by venous hypertension (or venous insufficiency) which is actually high blood pressure inside the veins (not to be confused with arterial high blood pressure). This "venous high blood pressure" (venous hypertension) is created when the pressure in the veins builds to the point where the veins valves break. 

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Phlebitis and Superficial Blood Clot in Varicose Vein

How can Varicose Vein treatment help prevent Phlebitis, DVT, and Blood Clots. 

In 2003, more than 70 public health organizations gathered in D.C. to discuss the media filled reports regarding blood clots and their prevention, eventually creating a Coalition to Prevent Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and in March the following year "Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Month" was born.  Since that time DVT has become well known for its nomenclature, but doctors have just begun to understand the link between thrombophlebitis and treating varicose veins

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New Treatments for Treating Varicose Veins Replace Older Methods.

Treating Varicose Veins the Right Way. No More Vein Stripping.


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Varicose veins in pregnancy- Does Pregnancy Can Increase the Chances?

What Women need to Know

Spider veins and varicose veins usually get worse during the course of pregnancy.  Generally, varicose veins can develop as a result of heredity, but one of the most prevalent risk factors in developing varicose veins or other forms of vein disease is the result of the physiological changes that occur in a woman during pregnancy.  Research has shown that the more pregnancies a woman has, the more likely she is to develop vein disease. Unfortunately, it is common that they will not simply disappear after childbirth.  

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