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Do Varicose Veins Come Back After Treatment?

Do Varicose Veins Come Back After Treatment?

Posted on July 13, 2015 by Dr. Stephen Rivard


A common question that we are asked by patients is whether after treating their varicose veins do they ever return later on.  The answer is this - if treated properly by a trained physician at the source of the problem - then no they will not return (less than a 2% chance).

The question is more frequently asked by older patients based on the notion that when they were younger the treatment of varicose veins involved something known as “vein stripping.” Either seeking treatment for a second time themselves after receiving vein stripping or hearing of a family member (often a parent) tell stories, the fear was real as was the recurrence of the disease.

Vein stripping has since become an antiquated method for treating varicose veins, but the reason the disease would recur was due to the way that the veins were harshly removed from the body. The veins were literally “stripped” out of the legs frequently causing damage to the surrounding tissue and veins, which would eventually lead to their recurrence later in life.

Newer treatment methods for varicose and spider veins has become much less invasive while at the same time more effective. Additionally, using procedures like endovenous laser therapy allow the treating physician to treat your varicosities at the source.  The non-invasive procedure gently guides a smaller fiber into the damaged veins and heats sealing the veins as it is removed. The treated veins then dissolve naturally into the blood stream.

Not only are these newer techniques more effective, they are less painful, and require no downtime.

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