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Does Insurance Cover Varicose Veins Treatment?

Does Insurance Cover Varicose Veins Treatment?

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Dr. Stephen Rivard

Many doctors mistakenly believe that varicose veins and spider veins are simply a cosmetic issue. Not only does this misinformation lead a patient to ignore the more obvious signs of their vein disease, particularly when they are large, discolored, bulging and cause uncomfortable symptoms, but it also creates a perception that the "cosmetic" nature means insurance will not cover the removal or treatment of varicose and spider veins. Therefore, even the if the patient wanted to seek relief, they are left feeling burdened not only by their unsightly veins but the out of pocket expenses, and generally choose to wait until the pain becomes unbearable or just put it off all together.

Although doctors may not try to intentionally mislead their patients, the fact remains that because the practice of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine is the newest sub-specialty in medicine (established in 2008), focusing solely on the diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins, many doctors are simply unaware.

So the question remains: Does insurance cover varicose vein treatment?

Well, the answer is generally yes they do. Most insurance companies will cover the costs of removing your varicose veins. The important thing to note is that vein disease is real disease and therefore will be covered by your insurance. As with any other medically approved procedure, the type or amount of coverage will always depend on what insurance you have, but regardless will be covered to some extent. It is important to discuss this with your venous & lymphatic doctor. They will be able to answer these questions more fully and should provide the medical letters of necessity to your insurer beforehand so that you can be pre-approved for treatment.

What about spider veins? Does insurance cover spider vein treatment?

Generally, spider veins are considered to be a cosmetic issue and therefore are not covered under insurance. However, this should not discourage you from seeking the opinion of a board certified venous & lymphatic physician. The fact is that in about 25% of the patients we see at Illinois Vein Specialists, spider veins are really associated and the result of underlying venous insufficiency -varicose veins. When this occurs, the patient’s spider veins will also be covered under their insurance, but more importantly the patient will be able to treat the root cause of their spider veins, i.e. their venous insufficiency, and prevent the recurrence of both their varicose and spider veins in the future.



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Seeking Relief from a Board Certified Vein Specialist 

At Illinois Vein Specialists, we care just as much about the medicine and the specialized practice of Phlebology (the treatment of vein and lymphatic disease) as we do our patients. We focus only on treating varicose and spider veins and treat patients from Buffalo Grove, Cary, Elgin, Algonquin, Palatine, Vernon Hills, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Fox River Grove, Mundelein, Grayslake, Wauconda, Chicago, and all areas of Barrington, Illinois.

We understand that when you choose a doctor you want to go to someone you know, like and trust, and honestly so do we. We know that patients come to us most often from satisfied patient referrals, but we encourage you to do your own homework and ask around. In the end no matter where you live or who you decide to have treat your varicose or spider veins find someone who focuses only on diagnosing and treating varicose and spider veins — find a Board Certified Venous and Lymphatic physician.

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