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How to Prevent Varicose Veins: 7 Common Tips

How to Prevent Varicose Veins: 7 Common Tips

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Dr. Stephen Rivard

7 Common Tips to Prevent Varicose Veins: What Everyone Should Know

varicose_veins_young_adults.jpgAlthough varicose veins cannot actually be prevented entirely, there are a few helpful tips to reduce the pain associated with them and preventative measures you can take to prevent them from getting worse.

Tip # 1: Take a Break and Kick Back

Varicose veins are created when downward pressure builds in the veins until vein valves begin to stretch and break. This is aggravated by gravity. Therefore, people who find themselves standing for long periods of time tend to develop varicose veins, or exacerbate their already formed varicose veins, by continuously increasing the stress on their veins from the downward pressure.  Additionally, kicking back and elevating your legs above your heart increases your circulation.


Tip # 2: Walk it Out

Veins exist to bring blood back to the heart.  Muscles, when used, help this process by squeezing the veins. By exercising every day, whether you like walking, biking, etc. you can help increase the circulation of the blood and prevent further wear and tear on your veins.


Tip # 3: Wear Those Stockings

While it may be difficult to take long breaks from your day (especially if you are required to stand for most of it) wearing graduated compression stockings can actually help prevent varicose veins. Just like your muscles, compression stockings help increase the circulation in your legs and should be worn daily.


Tip # 4: Keep a Healthy Weight

Besides all the other benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, by reducing the amount of weight you put on your legs, you also help reduce the pressure put on your vein valves thereby reducing the risk of developing varicose veins.


Tip # 5: Quit Smoking

Again, another health benefit for more than just varicose veins is eliminating smoking. Smoking prevents the circulation of blood flow not just in your legs, but in your entire body.  Additionally, smoking is linked to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure worsens the circulation in your legs. You get the point.


Tip # 6: Contraceptives of Choice

While birth control pills can be a great asset for preventing pregnancies, if it contains high amounts of estrogen, you may still develop varicose veins. Estrogen and progesterone have been shown to increase the risk of developing varicose by dilating the veins causing the vein valves to lose their structural integrity and break.


Tip # 7: Shoes that Work (for your Veins)

While dressing practically may not be a favorite option these days, choosing the rights shoes should be. Although high heels may be fun on your Vespa driving past the Vatican and you may feel cute wearing your Manolos at the office, if you wear shoes with heels greater than 1-2 inches everyday it will effect your calf muscle's ability to pump blood back up the leg. This increases the downward pressure on your veins thereby increasing your chances of developing varicose veins.



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