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Phlebology changes its name to Venous and Lymphatic

Phlebology changes its name to Venous and Lymphatic

Posted on May 12, 2014 by Dr. Stephen Rivard

From Phlebology to Venous & Lymphatic. Better Name. Same Practice.

Last year, the Board of Directors for the American College of Phlebology (the governing body responsible for establishing the criteria and certification requirements for practicing vein doctors), finally changed its name to the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM).  The ABVLM believed that the word “Phlebology” did not appropriately convey a clear indication of the particular field of medicine being practiced and that the word itself often caused confusion in the general public. The change to ‘venous and lymphatic medicine’ makes more sense for several reasons:

  1. The word “venous” is actually used in the title allowing the general public, including, insurance companies, and potential patients alike, to easily identify veins as the primary speciality being practiced.

  2. Patients with venous disease and/or lymphatic disease are frequently seen by vein specialists because both diseases create a common symptom of leg swelling. Although venous hypertension (varicose vein disease) is often the main cause of our patients’ leg swelling, we do find that patients also suffer from lymphatic disease. Therefore, being able to understand and diagnose both is an important part of a vein doctors ability to properly direct a patient to seek follow up or additional care from their primary care physician when needed.

  3. Overall, by creating a name that is recognizable by a larger population, it will help clearly communicate the organizational purpose of what we do as a practice, and help improve the collaborative efforts from a number of organizations all seeking to provide better medical care.

Our Philosophy. Find a Board Certified Venous and Lymphatic Doctor.

At Illinois Vein Specialists, we care just as much about the medicine and the specialized practice of Phlebology (now known as Venous and Lymphatic Disease) as we do our patients. That is why we focus only on treating varicose and spider veins and provide the most advanced and effective treatments available today.  We treat patients from Buffalo Grove, Cary, Elgin, Algonquin, Palatine, Vernon Hills, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Fox River Grove, Mundelein, Grayslake, Wauconda, Chicago, and all areas of Barrington, Illinois. We understand that when you choose a doctor you want to go to someone you know, like and trust, and honestly so do we. We know that patients come to us most often from satisfied patient referrals, but we encourage you to do your own homework and ask around. In the end no matter where you live or who you decide to have treat your varicose or spider veins find someone who focuses only on diagnosing and treating varicose and spider veins -- find a Board Certified Venous and Lymphatic Disease Doctor (formerly known as Phlebology).


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