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Why Laser Vein Treatment is the Preferred Method

Why Laser Vein Treatment is the Preferred Method. Clinical Trial Compares Treatments.

A recent study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine collected data from 11 varicose vein centers in the United Kingdom which compared treatments for vein disease - finding endovenous laser therapy to be the best option available today for the treatment of the saphenous vein system (medical not necessarily cosmetic vein treatment).

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Are varicose vein lasers safe?

Are Varicose Vein Lasers Safe?

EVLTA common question that some patients have before receiving treatment for their varicose or spider veins is whether varicose vein lasers are a safe way to treat vein disease.  The short answer is yes, but in order to understand the answer it’s important to know what vein disease really is, and how lasers work as compared to older treatment methods.

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