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Important Things to consider when choosing your Varicose Vein Doctor (or any doctor).


Choosing a doctor can often be a challenging task, particularly when you are not well versed in the area of medicine, or the specialty seems new to you. There are many things to consider, but generally you want to seek someone that understands your particular illness or symptoms and has the training to properly provide the right solution. Thinking about this for a minute, if you do not already know that type of ailment or type of treatment options available it make seem overwhelming to even know where to begin. Starting with a few best practices when choosing any specialist, whether it be automotive, physical fitness, or your medical service provider, looking at their track record and relying on word of mouth is probably a good place to begin.

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Common Questions Regarding Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT).


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At What Age You Can Develop Varicose Veins?


Varicose veins disease is a disease that can occur in anyone. Whether you are male or female, varicose vein disease is hereditary and your chances of getting them at some point in your life is one out of four.  Although varicose veins are fairly common, many people are under the misconception that they generally do not occur until you are much older.  This fact is simply not true.

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Preventing Varicose Veins. 4 Simple Tips.


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Top 10 Things Every Doctor Should Know about Varicose Vein Disease


When I first began my wonderful journey in medicine 30 years ago, emergency room medicine was new to the field and initially discredited by the majority of medical professionals. In a similar fashion, phlebology was also first disregarded as solely pertaining to aesthetic and cosmetic issues. However, as I started making my transition from ER doctor to the field of varicose and spider veins, there were a number of findings I really never knew, and it became readily apparent to me that phlebologists treat more than just symptoms, they treat the underlying source of the disease.  Fascinated with my findings I wanted to share them with all the doctors out there, so here is a collection of the top 10 things I have learned since becoming a vein doctor.

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