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Why are compression stocking used for varicose vein treatment? Video.

Compression socks are often used to help reduce swelling and potential bruising before and after varicose vein treatment. They can be worn under your clothing and provide support for the circulatory system.

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Why are compression stocking used for varicose vein treatment?

Dr. Rivard explains the benefits of using compression socks after getting varicose vein treatment. Compression socks help reduce swelling, help to promote circulation, and 

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Are Restless Leg Syndrome and Venous Insufficiency Related?

stifflegs.jpgRestless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, affects about 10-15% of people in the United States. Those who suffer from this condition often feel a strong urge to move their legs, accompanied by pulling, tingling, and crawling sensations. Patients often report symptoms worsening with age. 

RLS can interfere with sleep due to the constant need to reposition and move as well, so sufferers constantly feel fatigued. This can take a toll on personal lives if the fatigue is severe enough, causing difficulty concentrating, depression, and other medical problems.

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3 Tips For Varicose Veins


Today 1 out of every 4 people in the world suffer from varicose vein disease. While varicose veins are traditionally common, being aware of some simple measures may reduce the likelihood of their progression. Hopefully, these suggestive measures will help you suffer less from the disease.

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5 Things to Avoid If You Suffer From Varicose Veins.


Although many people are unaware of this fact, varicose vein disease is one of the most common diseases affecting millions of Americans today.  Nearly a third of the entire U.S. population suffer as a result.  While treatment options are becoming widely accessible and require no-downtime or invasive procedure, if you know that you do suffer from varicose veins, it is important to avoid or minimize your exposure to any of the following items:

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