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5 Reasons People Dislike Varicose Veins

There's no question that varicose veins are progressive and, over time, can cause damage besides being unsightly. Instead people focus often on the cosmetic concerns. However, there are plenty of reasons to dislike varicose veins aside from the cosmetic ones. In this article we will discuss five of these reasons. 

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Are vein Treatments  too expensive to consider?

As cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by insurance and thus an out-of-pocket expense. However, because vein disease is real disease most of the cost is covered by insurance.  Additionally, it is common (25% of the time) for patients to come in for cosmetic procedures like spider vein removal and discover that they have underlying vein disease.  If this happen, then insurance covers it all.

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Varicose veins are purely cosmetic, there's no need to treat them.

 This is likely the most common myth told by doctors today.  Not only is this untrue, it's just bad advice considering the potential side effects of leaving your varicose or spider veins untreated. Although doctors often say that if you feel no pain then you do not need to seek medical attention, varicose veins is definitely an exception to this rule. Unfortunately, if you have an underlying issue of venous insufficiency or venous hypertension (varicose veins) the pain resulting from this disease will increase over time and result in more serious damage to your body (e.g. venous leg ulcers (open wounds), even things like congestive heart failure).  Furthermore, if your varicose veins are left untreated over time the vein values and connective tissue surrounding them will eventually die, then the real pain will occur. With proper treatment these symptoms can be eliminated.

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Doctors are lying to you when they say varicose veins is just something cosmetic.



Varicose veins are a sign of an important vascular insufficiency and compromise. Like arterial hypertension and dental cavities, the insidious nature of chronic venous hypertension is progressively destructive and should be treated before pain and other more serious symptoms occur.


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