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New Technologies Dispel Old Myths Surrounding Varicose Vein Treatment


A lot of the myths associated with vein disease are rooted in the antiquated practice of vein stripping. Vein stripping was the primary way to treat varicose veins before new technologies developed that proved to be safer and more effective at treating varicose veins. Read on to find out more about vein stripping and new technologies:

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Find A Board Certified Venous & Lymphatic Physician To Treat Your Varicose Veins!

office-01.jpgThere are currently more than 80 million people suffering from venous disease in the United States alone. Vein diseases like varicose and spider veins are often thought of as solely cosmetic concerns, but the truth is that without treatment they can lead to continued side effects and severe problems. Symptoms like pain, fatigue, and swelling are common, and in more serious situations patients can develop Edema (an excess of watery fluid collecting in the leg tissue), Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots in the leg), and even venous ulcers.

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Is Your Vein Physician Certified In Ultrasonography?

EVLT.jpgPhysicians in a number of specialties like dermatology and plastic surgery now offer treatment for vein disease, but a startling number of patients who receive vein treatment from someone other than a vein specialist end up with the wrong treatment.

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3 Common Varicose Vein Symptoms to Be Aware Of

3 Common Varicose Vein Symptoms to Be Aware Of.

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7 Questions to ask doctor about varicose vein treatment.

7 great questions to ask your Vein Doctor about Varicose Vein treatment.


While more and more people are beginning to educate themselves on varicose vein disease and seeking treatment to alleviate their pain, many still do not know what questions to ask when talking with their doctor.  In general, it is always wise to find a vein specialist that has demonstrated their dedication to the board speciality of venous and lymphatic medicine and spends their time focusing solely on treating venous disease.  Proper education and training in both treatment and diagnostic ultrasound procedures is also an important consideration.

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