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Doctors are lying to you when they say varicose veins is just something cosmetic.



Varicose veins are a sign of an important vascular insufficiency and compromise. Like arterial hypertension and dental cavities, the insidious nature of chronic venous hypertension is progressively destructive and should be treated before pain and other more serious symptoms occur.


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IVS Remains at the Forefront of Global Vein Care: Takeaways from the ACP 32nd Annual Congress Meeting

JP_160610_Illinois_Vein_Institute_0532Having just returned from the ACP 32nd Annual Congress meeting, I thrilled to know my practice continues to be on the forefront of vein care. At Illinois Vein Specialists we pride ourselves on our commitment to yearly-continued education workshops and lectures. We are a specialized field and our dedication to your health and well-being is the benchmark that many try to copy.

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If You Have Time for Fantasy Football, You Have Time for Your Health

men watching footballNFL Football and fantasy football season are in full swing. All over the country, men are checking their teams to see how they are doing, but in general, not often do men take the time to check their own health. And now that fall and winter months are here, it’s a bit harder to see any changes our body may be making as we pile on our sweaters and cold-weather gear.

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Looking for Exceptional Vein Care? Look No Further. Dr. Stephen Rivard Is the Specialist for You.

JP_160610_Illinois-Vein-Institute_0137-800x686From the moment you step into Illinois Vein Specialists and meet Dr. Stephen Rivard, you know he is the right doctor for you.

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How a Mother of 4 Feels after Receiving Varicose Vein Treatment

Staying informed about varicose vein disease is one of the best ways to prevent pain and discomfort or even more serious symptoms from occurring in the future. It’s important to know that vein disease is a real disease, requiring medical intervention whether or not you have pain. One of the most common symptoms is swelling in the legs, especially near the ankles. Tracey Mashbaum, for example, did not notice her veins as they were not readily visible. However, reading how pregnancy can result in varicose veins she decided to get a consult and was informed by Dr. Rivard that one leg was in fact a 1/2 inch bigger in her ankle and 3/4 inch bigger in her thigh due to the swelling of her veins. After receiving treatment, her leg swelling subsided and returned to its normal size.  Watch this video to learn about her experience with Illinois Vein Specialists and Dr. Stephen Rivard.

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