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Tips for Comfortably Wearing Compression Stockings All Summer Long

stockingsWhether recovering from treatment, for prevention, or promoting efficient blood flow, wearing medical-grade compression stockings promotes healthy blood flow and reduces swelling, bruising, and soreness for people with varicose veins.

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Why are compression stocking used for varicose vein treatment? Video.

Compression socks are often used to help reduce swelling and potential bruising before and after varicose vein treatment. They can be worn under your clothing and provide support for the circulatory system.

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Preventing Varicose Veins. 4 Simple Tips.


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Why Spring is a Great Time to Treat Your Varicose Veins.


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. The flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and there is a constant invitation to get outside and be active.  For many of us, spring is a reminder that summer is right around the corner, which means preparing for all those great outdoor parties, weddings, and other great summertime activities. 

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