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6 myths about varicose vein treatment


A quick Google search of "vein treatment" will return mountains of information about natural ways to cure varicose veins. These range from topical creams like Invisi-Vein to food you can ingest like horse chestnut extract. While these remedies may seem like a better alternative than getting a procedure, the unfortunate reality is that natural remedies can't cure vein disease once it is already present.

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Medical vs Natural Treatment of Varicose veins


There are many different sources that discuss the benefits of natural treatments for many ailments. Herbs to reduce inflammation, topical creams to stop rashes or burns, even things like fungus (mushrooms) or ginger to aid in immunity deficiencies or help promote digestion, etc. All of these before mentioned natural remedies are often beneficial - and frequently work very well, but there are times when medical treatment is necessary. Over my course of 25 + years spent running an emergency room, I have seen it all - I have seen first hand what medicine can do to save someones life when the seconds count. However, what many may not know is that for the last decade I have spent a considerable amount of time investing in the development of organic farmland - not just the land but the families that farm the land. Personally, I have also seen the significance real food can play in aiding ones overall health. 

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Natural Varicose Vein Treatment, The Truth Behind the Hype.


Just today I was doing a search for some of the most popular articles regarding varicose veins. It seems that this week the biggest topics revolve around the notions of treating varicose veins through the use of herbal or medicinal combinations either application topically or taken orally. While homeopathic treatments for varicose veins are often derived from many beneficial supplements and whole foods, like ginger, garlic, horse chestnut, it is important for one to understand the difference between creating an actual remedy that genuinely cures venous disease and one that simply reduces the symptoms surrounding the disease.

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Can Varicose Veins Go Away Naturally?

varicoseveinandactive1If you’ve recently developed varicose veins, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to naturally get rid of them. While there are some steps that can be taken to alleviate some of the discomfort, most of the time varicose veins won’t disappear naturally over time.

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