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5 things you need to Know about Varicose Vein Disease

Important Facts about Vein Disease-Varicose Veins.

If you or someone you know suspects the possibility of having vein disease because of the various symptoms of vein disease: leg and ankle swelling, discoloration, poor wound healing, etc., here are several important things you need to know. varicose-veins

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Can untreated varicose veins inhibit your leg function ?

Why treating your Varicose Veins may keep you active later on in life. A Patient’s Perspective.

Many patients seek treatment for their varicose veins for a number of reasons, including their unsightly appearance, pain, swelling, or even serious health problems.  However, treating your varicose veins has other benefits besides alleviating these symptoms, like allowing you to keep active later in life.  This is a story shared by one of our patients describing just that. Our patient’s share their stories with you out of a desire to educate more people who may have potential issues with vein disease so that they may seek relief before the disease gets worse. While many patients do not prohibit sharing their names, unless otherwise requested these stories will remain anonymous. 

This patient is early 70’s, male, and his name is Ted.  For many years Ted was very active in retirement and an avid tennis player.  While he noticed some bulging varicose veins on his legs, they did not seem to bother him when he was younger.  However, when seeing his physician before retirement the doctor informed Ted that as he got older he may have to see a vein specialist for his legs.  As time passed, Ted began feeling more of the symptoms commonly associated with varicose vein disease.  His legs would often swell after games requiring him to rest longer and eventually the pain became unbearable to the point where Ted could no longer participate in some of his favorite activities.  Although Ted’s original doctor has since retired, his new doctor recognized the symptoms and referred the patient to Illinois Vein Specialists.  Ted, doing some research on his own, also had a friend who had similar treatment at IVS and decided that it would be worth the time to get his legs examined. During his initial consultation at IVS Ted was informed that he had serious varicose veins as a result of venous hypertension which meant that Ted’s legs where not getting proper blood flow, particularly during physical activity such as tennis. 

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Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT): Treatment for Varicose Veins

Everything you Need to Know about Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT): The Modern Treatment for Vein Disease-Varicose Vein Removal.

For more than a century, varicose veins have affected the lives of many, but during this time the available methods to treat vein disease - removing the abnormal saphenous veins- involved a surgical procedure called vein stripping. Although, vein stripping provided a means of relief, it was generally reserved for the most severe cases as the treatment was somewhat barbaric in nature and the documented failure rate for this type of surgery was, and continues to be, anywhere from 30-80% in one to five years post operation.  That meant that patients were almost guaranteed to have to endure the painful procedure more than once, and occasionally was performed multiple times before the varicose veins were removed entirely.

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