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Preventing Varicose Veins. 4 Simple Tips.


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The Benefits of Walking. Prevention of Vein Disease.


As it may seem obvious, engaging in some from of physical activity - like walking - has many health benefits. However, what you may not know is why walking is great for maintaining healthy legs when regarding your overall circulation.

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Why being over weight may lead to varicose veins and more

Why being over weight may lead to varicose veins, and more.


It may be common for doctors to inform their patients of the inherent risks of being over weight, however, there are certain risks less obvious and often hidden to both physician and patient in the form of varicose veins. In fact, not only are patients suffering from both varicose veins and issues with their weight less likely to properly diagnosis their underlying vein disease, these patients may actually be more difficult to treat.

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Effectiveness of exercise and diet for varicose veins

Simple Truths about the Effects of Diet and Exercise on Varicose Veins.

While there are many things that can cause varicose veins, and Phlebologists continue to discover root causes of many other health related symptoms as a result of varicose veins, there are also many myths that do not actually cause varicose veins. Although this is not an exhaustive list there are a few things in particular that should be noted.

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Why Spider Veins May Mean Something More than a Cosmetic Concern

Spider Veins May Be a Sign of Underlying Vein Disease

spider veins

Many people (and Doctors) often think of Spider veins as simply a cosmetic issue. They tell themselves they will get treatment if they have time in the future and don't really think about them as a health concerns. This may not always be the case. Many don't understand that spider veins in the legs are frequently associated with underlying venous hypertension (varicose veins).

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