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Why Vein Treatment Means More Than Great Legs.

The modern treatment of varicose and spider vein disease has allowed hundred of thousands of suffering patients to regain their confidence by ridding their legs of the unsightly nature of twisting, red and blue veins. The large bulging veins often leave many feeling embarrassed, only to hide them with long pants regardless the season. However, what most overlook is that the treatment of varicose veins means so much more than regaining the aesthetics of healthy looking legs.

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Don’t be Embarrassed About Your Varicose Veins this Spring.


Spring is well upon us and with each day the warmth invites us outside to soak up the sun and back into our favorite outdoor activities.  However, for some, springtime can often be another reminder of the embarrassment and discomfort felt for those suffering with varicose and spider veins.  Whether you're on the tennis court or out on the golf course, the idea of covering up your varicose veins with long pants or compression stockings is simply not ideal - particularly when the heat picks up.

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What Every Mother Should Read About Varicose Veins.


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Can Children and Young Adults Have Varicose Veins?

varicose_veins_young_adultsVaricose vein disease is extremely common with nearly 80 million people suffering from the disease. These damaged veins often causes symptoms of discomfort, pain, swelling, restless legs, and much more, yet most people do understand the source of the disease. Truth be told, varicose veins are mainly the cause of heredity.

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How The Feels after Receiving Varicose Vein Treatment

Staying informed about varicose vein disease is one of the best ways to prevent pain and discomfort or even more serious symptoms from occurring in the future. It’s important to know that vein disease is a real disease, requiring medical intervention whether or not you have pain. One of the most common symptoms is swelling in the legs, especially near the ankles. Tracey Mashbaum, for example, did not notice her veins as they were not readily visible. However, reading how pregnancy can result in varicose veins she decided to get a consult and was informed by Dr. Rivard that one leg was in fact a 1/2 inch bigger in her ankle and 3/4 inch bigger in her thigh due to the swelling of her veins. After receiving treatment, her leg swelling subsided and returned to its normal size.  Watch this video to learn about her experience with Illinois Vein Specialists and Dr. Stephen Rivard.

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