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Yes, by age 50 nearly 40% of men will suffer from some form of vein disorder. Most likely for men who have had sports related injuries or also hereditary.

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If You Have Time for Fantasy Football, You Have Time for Your Health

men watching footballNFL Football and fantasy football season are in full swing. All over the country, men are checking their teams to see how they are doing, but in general, not often do men take the time to check their own health. And now that fall and winter months are here, it’s a bit harder to see any changes our body may be making as we pile on our sweaters and cold-weather gear.

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Summer Heat and Exposed Legs Can Be Troublesome


Beyond feeling uncomfortable in the summer heat and high humidity, women (and men) who have varicose veins may experience discomfort. Their legs may feel heavy and they may experience aches, pain, and cramping in response to the heat.

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What Keeps Many Men from Enjoying Life? Leg Pain.


Do you miss the active life you used to have? Is running, cycling, and hiking a distant memory? Are you friends tired of being turned down when they invite you to join them at the golf course? While increased responsibilities play a dominant role in curtailing recreational activities, another contributing factor is the mysterious pains that creep up with stress and age.

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