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Is there an exact age when I can get varicose veins

Varicose veins can occur in children as young as 10 years of age. It also can occur in anyone, whether you are male or female and it does not matter the age. The reason being that varicose vein disease is hereditary and your chances of getting them at some point in your life is one out of four. Many people are under the misconception that they generally do not occur until you are much older, which is not true as we explained before, but what is true is that when you get older you are more likely to have them - resulting from unhealthy eating habit, having children, injuries to the legs or hips, your profession, etc.

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Are Varicose Veins an Inevitable Consequence of Motherhood


While many of us look forward to the joys of becoming a parent, there are several conditions that have a strong correlation with motherhood that are not quite so joyful -- stretch marks, swollen feet, constant worry, and varicose veins to name a few.  

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A Mother’s Advice to Her Daughter


At this time of the year, there are many occasions for which a mother would give advice to her daughter. Whether is upon her graduation, her nuptials, or as she becomes a mother herself, one piece of advice that will one day be greatly appreciated, is her mother’s secrets for maintaining a youthful appearance and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to eating well-balanced meals and exercising regularly, her mother may tell her about conditions that she may inherit, conditions like varicose veins.

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Are Varicose Veins a Purely Cosmetic Concern?


After working hard to maintain good nutrition and exercise regularly, it can be quite frustrating to see blue and purple lines visible on your legs. To make matters worse, they may also appear lumpy on the skin’s surface. Despite your best efforts, they seem to become more and more noticeable as time goes on.

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What to Wear to Outdoor Weddings…when you have varicose veins


How many weddings have you been invited to this year? Many couples prefer this time of the year so that they can have their ceremonies outdoors and enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings. Your only worry is what to wear. In the summer months you are sure to find a wide selection of brightly colored dresses and two-piece ensembles. You will want to select a lightweight fabric that will keep you comfortable while you are enjoying the festivities outside.

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