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Can I Prevent Varicose Veins?

If you have a genetic predisposition, varicose veins may be unavoidable. But staying healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying active will help.

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Veins Be Gone: What Are You Waiting For? The Pain is Over


As a vein doctor I notice varicose and spider veins not only on my patients, but everywhere I go. Because I have expertise in treating vein disease you might think I am biased, but I assure you I see them in a large portion of the population. This happens mostly during summertime when the weather is hot and people are wearing  shorts and dresses. The other day I was at lunch and noticed what looked like a grandma and her granddaughter eating lunch and noticed that the grandmother had varicose and spider veins on her legs. What I wondered to myself was: What percent of the U.S. population actually gets treated for vein disease?

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5 Ways Varicose Veins Develop In Pregnancy 


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