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Vampires Aren't the Only Ones searching for Great Veins This Halloween

rawpixel-1048261-unsplashIt’s Halloween and everyone dresses up as vampires and ghosts. I see stickers that say “Great veins”!! It reminds me of when I have to get blood drawn; that’s what I am usually told. But I always say that even though my arms have great veins, what is really important are checking the veins in my legs! The phlebotomist usually looks at me funny and then tells me they rarely need to draw blood from a leg.

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The IVS Way of Vein Care


Here at IVS our main priority is making sure our patients are treated with the best care and are at their most comfortable the minute they step into our clinic. We understand that receiving treatment can be stressful and want to make sure we can do our part in making our patients feel that they are the in the best hands. What makes IVS different than other vein clinics?

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How Do I Know If I Have Vein Disease?


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Vein Disease & Pregnancy

Pregnant_woman.jpegMany doctors say that a woman should wait until she is done having children to receive treatment for her varicose or spider veins, but in our experience, it is better to treat vein disease prior to pregnancy if you have a family history, or in between pregnancies as it arises

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Don’t Be Fooled, Varicose Veins Affect Men Too!

Man-Legs.jpegVaricose veins are often thought of as a problem only encountered by older women. The truth is that the disease does not discriminate based on age or gender. The American Heart Association and various other groups have conducted research to determine that men are indeed widely affected. By the time men reach the age of 50, nearly 40% of them will suffer from some form of vein disease. Nearly 25% of all men currently in the U.S. have venous disease.

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