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Are varicose vein lasers safe?

Are Varicose Vein Lasers Safe?

EVLTA common question that some patients have before receiving treatment for their varicose or spider veins is whether varicose vein lasers are a safe way to treat vein disease.  The short answer is yes, but in order to understand the answer it’s important to know what vein disease really is, and how lasers work as compared to older treatment methods.

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Phlebology changes its name to Venous and Lymphatic

From Phlebology to Venous & Lymphatic. Better Name. Same Practice.

Last year, the Board of Directors for the American College of Phlebology (the governing body responsible for establishing the criteria and certification requirements for practicing vein doctors), finally changed its name to the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM).  The ABVLM believed that the word “Phlebology” did not appropriately convey a clear indication of the particular field of medicine being practiced and that the word itself often caused confusion in the general public. The change to ‘venous and lymphatic medicine’ makes more sense for several reasons:

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Top 10 Important Questions to Ask Before Vein Surgery


1. What special training or certification do you have in vein care and where did you receive your training?

When searching for someone to treat your varicose veins, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to find someone who has demonstrated their commitment to the practice of Phlebology - the study, diagnosis, and treatment of vein disease - through their membership and board certification with the American College of Phlebology (now known as Venous and Lymphatic Medicine).  

As a member of this society your varicose vein doctor will be held to the highest standards of venous care providing specialized training in both the treatment of venous and lymphatic disease and diagnostic ultrasound.

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Why Doctor Use Ultrasound for Varicose Vein Treatment

Although the word "ultrasound" probably doesn't create an association with your legs, with today's modern treatment of varicose veins, the ultrasound has become the supporting role in proper varicose vein care.  In fact, the use of a Doppler Duplex Ultrasound has become so important that it has transitioned into the key diagnostic tool for receiving effective and efficient care in removing your varicose or spider veins.  

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