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Monitoring Your Venous Health in the Winter Time

cold-couple-walking-daylight-1707348Colder months brings daylight saving time which means rising when it’s dark and going to sleep when it’s dark for us mid-westerners. We get a slight disruption in our biological clocks as we adjust. When we are out we bundle up with more layers of clothes. And sometimes don’t notice changes that may take place on our skin besides it getting dry and sometimes very itchy. And while those two things could be only winter related they could also be due to a more significant issue. They can be signs of a venous circulation issue. Many have compromised venous health and do not understand that while they feel fine, they actually could be feeling incredible.

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End of The Year Insurance Coverage of Varicose Veins.


For some time now, doctors have mistakenly informed their patients that varicose veins are simply a cosmetic concern.  Unfortunately, for many patients, the notion that insurance would not cover their vein procedure means not seeking treatment. Not only does this misinformation lead a patient to ignore their symptoms of vein disease, but patients are often left feeling burdened by the potential out of pocket expenses. The result for many then generally results in waiting until the pain becomes unbearable or just putting treatment off all together. Although doctors may not try to intentionally mislead their patients, vein disease is a real disease and can lead to serious health effects the longer a patient waits to seek treatment.

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The Truth about Varicose Veins and Physical Activity

There have been many myths around varicose veins, how it is caused, what are the symptoms but can we believe these myths. Some of the myths revolve around physical activity and whether it causes more harm than good. As the winter is approaching many people try to find time to exercise due to being indoors most of the time. Many people often believe that exercise can cause more harm, but should we believe this?
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Are Blisters and Scabs Normal After Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment?


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Q & A:

A typical question I get asked from patients as a vein professional, is whether blisters and/or scabs normally appear after varicose and spider vein treatment? The short answer is no, but some light discoloration is normal. Scarring and blistering after treatment should never be a concern for patients who undergo vein treatment.

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Why Winter and Fall is A Great Time to Treat Your Veins.


Summer is over and you might be thinking the time is now to hide unsightly spider and varicose veins under long pants & baggy clothes. Contrary to this belief, fall and winter months are the perfect time to get your bulging and discolored veins treated before spring and summer is back. Because there are variety of minimally invasive procedures readily available, picking a treatment for your varicose and spider veins requires no inconvenience and little to no down time.

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