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Monitoring Your Venous Health in the Winter Time

cold-couple-walking-daylight-1707348Colder months brings daylight saving time which means rising when it’s dark and going to sleep when it’s dark for us mid-westerners. We get a slight disruption in our biological clocks as we adjust. When we are out we bundle up with more layers of clothes. And sometimes don’t notice changes that may take place on our skin besides it getting dry and sometimes very itchy. And while those two things could be only winter related they could also be due to a more significant issue. They can be signs of a venous circulation issue. Many have compromised venous health and do not understand that while they feel fine, they actually could be feeling incredible.

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Getting Sclerotherapy After Your Laser Vein Treatment.


So, you have had your laser treatment, what’s next? Most patients, about 90% or more, need adjunctive treatment after their laser procedure(s).  Typically, this treatment is Ultrasound Guided Therapeutic Sclerotherapy (USTST). About a month after your laser treatment our ultrasound tech will do a thorough exam, mapping any indwelling veins that are not functioning properly and still remain after the laser procedure. The preferred treatment to eliminate these veins is USTST.

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Why treating your Varicose Veins may help you Sleep.

Can treating your varicose veins help you sleep? Find out How.

According to the National Institute for Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS), nearly 10% of the entire U.S. population suffer from what is know as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) - a neurological disorder with associated symptoms such as throbbing, pain, and unpleasant tingling sensations. While these symptoms may persist during the course of daily activities, the most distinctive aspect of Restless Leg Syndrome is the fact that lying down or relaxation generally aggravates the condition, meaning frequent nights waking up to move about or difficulty even falling asleep.

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Why Doctor Use Ultrasound for Varicose Vein Treatment

Although the word "ultrasound" probably doesn't create an association with your legs, with today's modern treatment of varicose veins, the ultrasound has become the supporting role in proper varicose vein care.  In fact, the use of a Doppler Duplex Ultrasound has become so important that it has transitioned into the key diagnostic tool for receiving effective and efficient care in removing your varicose or spider veins.  

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Are Varicose Veins Just a Cosmetic Concern?

Common Myths on Varicose Veins. Varicose Veins are Not Just a Cosmetic Problem. 

A common misconception among the medical community is seen regarding varicose veins and the attention that is paid beyond their cosmetic concerns.  Many doctors will frequently tell their patients not to worry about their varicose veins, as they are merely 'cosmetic' in nature and pose no real medical concerns to your health. It's the common twist on an old adage..."If it doesn't hurt, don't do anything about it."

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