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Why Seeing a Vein Specialist for Your Varicose Veins Actually Matters.


Currently, there are over 80 million people in the U.S. that suffer from underlying venous disease. Therefore, understanding varicose vein disease is becoming increasing important for both physicians and patients alike. As more and more people are beginning to develop an increased awareness of the possible symptoms and side effects of having the disease, one important consideration is whether your doctor is aware. 

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7 Questions to ask doctor about varicose vein treatment.

7 great questions to ask your Vein Doctor about Varicose Vein treatment.


While more and more people are beginning to educate themselves on varicose vein disease and seeking treatment to alleviate their pain, many still do not know what questions to ask when talking with their doctor.  In general, it is always wise to find a vein specialist that has demonstrated their dedication to the board speciality of venous and lymphatic medicine and spends their time focusing solely on treating venous disease.  Proper education and training in both treatment and diagnostic ultrasound procedures is also an important consideration.

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FDA approved sclerosant for Spider Veins- Few facts to know

Why using an FDA approved sclerosant for Spider Veins Treatment is so Important.

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Common Occupations that May Contribute to Varicose Veins.

Common Occupations that May Contribute to Varicose Veins.

Although the primary cause of varicose veins is heredity, with nearly half the adult population suffering as a result, there are many contributing factors that can increase the likelihood of developing varicose veins or exacerbate the problem once you have them.  For instance, certain occupations that require long periods of standing can often contribute and increase the symptoms associated with your vein disease.  

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Why Have a Vein Specialist Treat your Spider Veins?

Top 3 Reasons to Get your Spider Veins Treated by a Vein Specialist.

Spider veins are fairly common, found in roughly half the U.S. population. Generally, spider veins appear as small blue and red veins seen close to the surface of the skin in the legs and ankles. While spider veins are commonly treated by many types of physicians (e.g. dermatologists, plastic surgeons, etc), there are 3 important reasons why you should consider going to a board certified vein specialist over any other practice to treat your spider veins.

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