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Venous Ulcerations Can be Cured With Proper Vein Treatment

Venous Ulcerations Can be Cured With Proper Vein Treatment

Posted on March 2, 2020 by Dr. Stephen Rivard

Venous ulcerations, also known as venous skin ulcers, are a type of sore that appears on your lower extremities—most often the legs. These ulcers usually occur due to weakened blood circulation, like in those who have varicose veins or risk factors for varicose veins. The problem with venous ulcerations is that they take a long time to heal—sometimes lasting years. With such a long healing process, you’re more at risk for developing more serious complications. To avoid this, it’s important to get venous ulcerations treated and cured. 

Venous ulcerations occur when your veins aren’t working the way that they need to. When veins can’t send blood back up to your heart, the pressure expands in that area. This ends up weakening the skin and then, when a scrape or injury occurs, it takes much longer to heal. Venous ulcerations are most common in older individuals, but also occur in people who experience varicose veins regularly. If you notice that you have a venous ulceration, you’ll experience swelling, itchiness, a burning sensation, discoloration, dry skin, and potentially a foul odor that comes from fluid leaking out of the ulceration. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, it’s important to get your venous ulcerations cured with proper vein treatment like those offered at Illinois Vein Specialists. The sooner you get your ulcerations treated and cured, the less risks you’ll face for serious complications or infection. 

The first part of getting your venous ulcerations cured is getting a proper diagnosis. A board certified vein specialist, like the ones at Illinois Vein Specialists, will be able to give you a physical and examine the venous ulceration to determine the extent of damage and ensure that no infection has started. Proper vein treatment in conjunction with compression bandages and stockings will help cure venous ulcerations by boosting circulation and correcting damaged veins. Treating varicose veins is a fast, safe procedure that only requires local analgesia at the treatment site. Using laser therapy, a wavelength of energy is delivered to the affected vein that causes them to close. When a vein closes, your body naturally and automatically re-routes the blood to other, healthy veins. This procedure leaves you ready to resume your normal activities right away and will help cure your venous ulcerations. In addition, treating varicose veins properly will help reduce your chances of developing deep vein thrombosis—a potentially fatal condition. 


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