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What Can you Expect From Your Initial Office Visit?

What Can you Expect From Your Initial Office Visit?

Posted on May 26, 2021 by Dr. Stephen Rivard

While 44 million Americans suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, only a small fraction seeks medical intervention. If you have spider veins or varicose veins, visiting a vascular specialist is a bold step towards lasting relief.

Your first appointment allows you to talk to a doctor and learn more about appropriate treatment plans for your condition. Roughly, the appointment takes about an hour, within which a varicose veins specialist will evaluate your condition and work out the right treatment option.
Examination and Medical History

During your initial consultation we will go over your medical history, examine your legs, and preform an ultrasound. Based on your ultrasound findings we will determine the best treatment options for you.

When you leave the office, you will be fully informed about what type of treatment you need and what to expect during and after procedures. All procedures at Illinois Vein Specialists are done right in the office with little to no downtime.

Diagnosis and Varicose Vein Treatment Options

After collecting the necessary medical history and conducting the ultrasound, the doctor will give you a diagnosis. After careful assessment of your legs, we will discuss available treatment options that suit your needs

The treatment plans may include, endovenous laser treatment, and/or sclerotherapy. The treatment options have distinct advantages but are applied for specific purposes. The physician will advise you on the most appropriate treatment plan based on your exam and ultrasound findings.

Treatment Options

Based on your findings will recommend one or more treatment options depending on the diagnosis. While they are minimally invasive, they are different in procedures.

1. Laser vein treatment-This is a painless procedure that can be performed in less than one hour, and patients often feel relief within hours of procedure. While you may experience slight discomfort, there is minimal pain during the procedure. Laser vein treatment treats not only varicose veins but also the underlying causes.

2. Sclerotherapy -Sclerotherapy is injections of a sclerosant into the superficial varicose veins. Over time the veins shrink and get reabsorbed by the body. It is an easy and fast safe procedure. Typically you will need more than a few sessions for optimum results.

Get Help for Varicose Veins

If you live with vein problems and want to get some relief, setting up an appointment with a vein specialist is a good idea. Illinois Vein Specialists has been helping patients for more than a decade and uses state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment. To talk about varicose vein treatment options available for you, call us and make an appointment today!

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