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What makes IVS a Center of Excellence?

What makes IVS a Center of Excellence?

Posted on August 2, 2017 by Dr. Stephen Rivard


At Illinois Vein Specialists, we are known as a “Center for Excellence in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vein Disease. What is a Center for Excellence, exactly? While there is no single definition, JAMA Network (Journal of the American Medical Association), defines a Center of Excellence as “teams of highly skilled experts [that] are also often involved in research and innovation to advance the field.” We take this definition to heart and have applied it in our practice in vein care. How do we carry out our name and identity as a Center of Excellence?

Our Board Certified Physicians

Both our doctors, Dr. Rivard and Dr. Kanehann, are Board Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. This is a guarantee of specific, detailed training, access to the newest thinking and research, ongoing education, and familiarization with specific medical technology and proof of proficiency. As specialists, our doctors also work and test newly developed medical devices to advance the effectiveness of vein care.

Dr. Rivard and Dr. Kanehann are both experts in the venous and lymphatic medicine field and have successfully treated over 10,000 patients suffering from vein disease. Unlike some doctors who perform vein treatment on the side, at Illinois Vein Specialists, vein treatment is what we specialize in and therefore all we do.

Our Weekly Blog

We update our blog weekly to provide patients and doctors with a wide range of information ranging from the newest research studies about vein care to answering common questions like “do vein creams work?”. We pride ourselves in being a helpful and knowledgeable resource for people who may need vein care and want more information and also giving doctors information to help diagnose their patients with vein disease.

Our Outreach

We have also traveled to third world countries, like the Philippines, to offer free care to the worst case scenarios in vein care. This included helping people who were facing leg amputation that were able to return to full mobility after receiving proper treatment from our specialists. We have helped educate doctors in these countries to help permanently implement these advanced technologies for vein treatment and thus advance knowledge of vein care globally.

Our Content Offerings

At IVS, our mission is to provide the most helpful, relevant and up to date information we can surrounding vein health. As new technologies have come out in recent years improving the effectiveness of vein treatment, we understand that is crucial now more than ever to provide patients and doctors the most up to date and relevant information about treatment options for vein disease. That is why we offer free ebooks, patient guides, and more so patients and doctors can learn everything they need to know about treatment options and the ins and outs of vein disease.

Our Twitter Feed

Daily through our Twitter feed (@IVSpecialists), we provide a curated news source that contains all things health related from vein care and beyond. We believe that we need to provide our followers and patients with more than just content on veins, but also overall health related news so our patients stay up to date on everything from healthy eating habits to new policies regarding healthcare.

Through all these different channels, we are proud to call ourselves a “Center of Excellence in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vein Disease”.



At Illinois Vein Specialists, we understand that seeking proper care is just as important to you as it is for us. That is why we focus only on treating varicose and spider veins and provide the most advanced and effective treatments available today. Since opening we have successfully treated over 10,000 patients from around the world.  We treat patients from Buffalo Grove, Cary, Elgin, Algonquin, Palatine, Vernon Hills, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Fox River Grove, Mundelein, Grayslake, Wauconda, Glenview, Northbrook, Chicago, and all areas  of Barrington, Illinois and outside of Illinois.

We understand that when you choose a doctor you want to go to someone you know, like and trust, and honestly so do we. We know that patients come to us most often from satisfied patient referrals, but we encourage you to do your own homework and ask around. In the end no matter where you live or who you decide to have treat your varicose or spider veins find someone who focuses only on diagnosing and treating varicose and spider veins -- find a Board Certified Venous and Lymphatic Doctor.

for information on the importance of vein treatment, download our free treatment guide!

Free Handout: Why  Vein Rx is So Important!

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