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Why Treating Your Varicose Veins Should be Part of Your New Years Resolution.

Why Treating Your Varicose Veins Should be Part of Your New Years Resolution.

Posted on January 3, 2017 by Dr. Stephen Rivard


It has arrived - the year 2017 - and yes, if you are embracing this year with a sense of accomplishment ahead your mind is in the right place. Like many after the holidays and new year, the beginning of another year is a great place to finally follow through on some of those long awaited “get fit, get healthy, get in shape…” plans.

Well, if you are one of those individuals who is wanting to do something beneficial for your health and image, to give yourself a boost in self-esteem or to genuinely feel better you may want to consider treating your varicose or spider veins. While this may seem, vain (pun intended) to seek treatment for something that may often disregard as merely a cosmetic concern. The truth is, nearly an entire third of the general US population suffers from some form of venous hypertension - i.e. varicose veins. Contrary to popular belief, varicose veins are not simply a cosmetic concern and can lead to serious health problems if proper treatment is delayed.

I know most will say, “varicose vein treatment is not on my list when considering to become healthy…” but it should be and here are a few great reasons why. Untreated varicose veins can lead to a number of other health concerns:

  1. Restless Legs Syndrome - according to the University of Chicago Research Department,  sleep deprivation makes you “metabolically groggy," or as they clarified… “too little sleep hampers your metabolism and contributes to weight gain.”
  2. Open or Non-Healing Wounds - overtime the pressure build up from insufficient blood flow in the veins creates significant swelling and eventually cuts off all oxygen to the lower extremities. This causes the skin near the ankles to harden and often break open leading to venous ulcers which without proper vein treatment will typically never heal.
  3. Increased Pain and Swelling - if your veins are damaged the pain caused by the build up in pressure can be significant and can inhibit general mobility.
  4. Insufficient Blood Flow for Lower Extremities - this is particularly relevant for those that have knee or ankle replacement surgery as proper blood flow required for the healing process can be significantly obstructed to these areas - i.e. they never really heal.

Again, while vein treatment may still not be on the top of the priority list for things to accomplish during 2017, it is important to remember that vein disease is real disease and requires proper treatment whether or not you have pain.  So don’t wait any longer. Restore your hope and confidence and get your varicose or spider veins treated this year.

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At Illinois Vein Specialists, we understand that seeking proper care is just as important to you as it is for us.  That is why we focus only on treating varicose and spider veins and provide the most advanced and effective treatments available today.  We treat patients from Buffalo Grove, Cary, Elgin, Algonquin, Palatine, Vernon Hills, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Fox River Grove, Mundelein, Grayslake, Wauconda, Chicago, and all areas of Barrington, Illinois. We understand that when you choose a doctor you want to go to someone you know, like and trust, and honestly so do we. We know that patients come to us most often from satisfied patient referrals, but we encourage you to do your own homework and ask around. In the end no matter where you live or who you decide to have treat your varicose or spider veins find someone who focuses only on diagnosing and treating varicose and spider veins -- find a Board Certified Venous and Lymphatic Doctor.

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